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Stages of Breast Cancer | Dr. Shona Nag

Stages of Breast Cancer explained by Dr. Shona Nag.

Dr. Shona Nag is a Medical oncologist from Pune who specializes in breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer.

She is currently the director of The Sahyadri Hospitals Pune. 

For appointments : 

Ms. Seema: 9607963440 
Dr. Inamdar: 9890011621 

Sahyadri Hospitals, Karve Road, Pune*
Ms. Dhanashree: 9284059088 
Dr. Inamdar: 9890011621

Sahyadri Hospitals, Nagar Road, Pune* 
Ms. Sarla: 9011089451
Dr. Inamdar: 9890011621

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